Liquid Alternative Fund of Funds Lampe AIR²

Liquid Alternative Fund of Funds Lampe AIR²

In the search for yield and diversification, the demand for alternative investments is growing.

Liquid Alternatives

However, our customers do not always want to accept greater illiquidity, as is the case with private equity or infrastructure investments, for example, especially since the actual source of risk there is often of a traditional nature. Supposedly attractive offshore hedge funds usually have only limited availability and are largely not subject to regulation.

Liquid alternatives can be a solution for our clients, as they combine the best of all three worlds:

Liquid Alternative Manager

  • Best advice approach
  • Diversification across different managers, strategies, asset classes and return sources
  • Improved risk-return profile
  • Reduction of idiosyncratic and tail risks
  • Discounted access to the best global managers
  • Portfolio construction based on modern mathematical-statistical models
  • Continuous monitoring of target funds
  • Long-term experienced fund of funds management
  • Absolute return target, i.e. returns independent of the general market development
  • Participation in alternative market betas
  • Use of a wider range of financial instruments (including shorting, leverage)
  • More targeted implementation of investment ideas
  • Better hedging possibilities

Investment ­process

What is the investment process like?

  • Semi-systematic investment process
  • Orientation towards the HFRU Composite Index (world's leading UCITS hedge fund index)
  • Quantitative screening of fund databases for pre-selection
  • Qualitative due diligence of shortlisted managers
  • Systematic, factor-based portfolio construction process
  • Investment in up to 30 international target funds
  • Active management of the Equity Hedge, Global Macro, Event Driven and
  • Relative Value segments
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Max. 10% Emerging Manager

Your advantages

Our Strategy in Liquid Alternative

Suitable for investors, ...


  • who are looking for meaningful diversification for traditional portfolios.
  • who want low-cost access to the Liquid Alternative universe.
  • who are looking for stable alpha in combination with alternative beta.
  • who are looking for a balance of interests through a low management fee combined with a performance fee.
  • who want to have liquidity at their disposal at all times.
  • who are looking for security in the form of the highest possible regulation (UCITS/OGAW).
  • who want a sophisticated investment process.
  • who want continuous monitoring and regular reporting.
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