Fixed Income Sales <br> & Trading and FX-Trading

Fixed Income Sales
& Trading and FX-Trading

We serve institutional investors and corporates in questions and challenges around liquidity.

Many years of expertise in a reliable team

Fixed Income Trading

With our of expertise in fixed income trading, we provide our institutional investors with an experienced team of experts. We focus on our clients' objectives and support them in implementing their investment decisions on the international capital markets in accordance with their chosen investment philosophy. Furthermore, we support our clients in generating customer-specific investment ideas or in transparently communicating implementation options through our established market access.

Our services in bond trading

  • Trading of all major market segments of the bond market
  • Access to primary and secondary markets
  • Cooperation with counterparties/investment banks
  • High market transparency and liquidity leads to best prices
  • Internal order flow provides additional liquidity
  • Information and service center
  • Daily bond market report
  • Assessment of market liquidity on an individual security basis
  • Creation of quote lists
  • Independent market assessments and support

In addition to traditional spot and forward foreign exchange transactions, we also facilitate sophisticated trading in exotic currencies via NDFs (non-deliverable forwards) and currency options. Through various order channels, we guarantee our customers flexible order transmission and the fastest possible execution.

You also benefit from established evaluation and settlement processes, while we minimize potential settlement risks through our connection to Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS).

With the dual-currency time deposit, we have created the possibility of a cross-currency time deposit investment for our customers, which can offer an interest rate significantly above the market interest rate. However, repayment can be made in a different currency (example: investment of euros/ repayment in U.S. dollars).

With our money market trading, we support our customers in meeting their short-term liquidity requirements. In doing so, we are guided by the wishes of our customers and offer investment and borrowing in various currencies.

We enable institutional clients to participate in the revenue opportunities of the securities lending and repo market. In the chosen structure of the principal model, the Bank acts as a liquidity hub between the assets of our clients and the global securities financing market. Especially in the context of securities lending transactions with special assets, we offer a comprehensive range of services consisting of market and portfolio screening, collateral management, unrestricted ability to act in the portfolio as well as regulatory reporting. Learn more here.

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