Hauck und Aufhäuser Innovative Capital

Hauck und Aufhäuser Innovative Capital

As an AIF-KVG with expertise in cryptocurrencies, we offer initiators a comprehensive range of services required for the launch of a fund with crypto exposure. This applies to both pure crypto funds and multi-asset funds and can be implemented in both Germany and Luxembourg.

For investors, we have launched a self-managed fund that enables a broadly diversified investment in future-oriented crypto projects.

We are firmly convinced that crypto assets will take an established place in investors' portfolios in the future. Our offering therefore aims to support both investors and initiators in the integration of this asset class in all relevant aspects.



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With our HAIC Crypto Native Advanced Select Fund, we offer professional investors the opportunity to make diversified investments in promising crypto projects. In the fund portal you will find an overview of all our private label funds that invest in native crypto assets with different strategies.

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Private label funds for initiators

As a fully licensed German capital management company, we offer initiators not only comprehensive traditional fund services such as portfolio management, risk management and fund administration, but also the specialized expertise required for an allocation to the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies.

We are able to support both pure crypto strategies and multi-asset strategies. Through our custodian and the crypto custodian within our group of companies, we are able to implement customized solutions quickly and efficiently according to your individual needs.

In Germany, our offering includes special AIF fund vehicles in accordance with §282, §284 and §285 KAGB. In addition, our "AIFM passporting" also enables us to implement Luxembourg vehicles such as SIFs or RAIFs. We are happy to advise you in order to identify the most suitable vehicle for you.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a personal meeting.


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