Regulated Crypto Custody

Regulated Crypto Custody

We offer crypto custody as an integrated part of our regulated business and enable the connection to other services of our bank. We combine the latest technology with the processes of an established private bank.

Germany as a location for crypto custody

Regulated custody of crypto assets

In recent years, Germany has implemented several regulatory innovations, including crypto custody regulated under the German Banking Act (KWG). As an already KWG-regulated institution, we are well acquainted with this regulation.

Germany, as one of the key European locations for financial transactions, has created a clear and legally secure basis for the safekeeping of cryptographic keys as access to digital assets, setting it apart from other jurisdictions.

Through the acquisition of the Kapilendo Custodian AG we have  also obtained the second German crypto custody approval. In addition, we are also internationally networked within the existing regulatory framework in Germany.

We therefore see the German regulatory framework as a unique opportunity to hold digital assets in Europe according to established capital market standards.

"We assume that the tokenization of assets will become an elementary component of the fund industry. At Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe, we will actively drive and shape this change for and with our fund clients."
Dr. Holger Sepp, Member of Board Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe

Our service offering

  • Custody of digital assets with a crypto custody approval
  • Linking the crypto custody business to the bank's existing business and thus to existing processes and products to cover the entire value chain
  • Low "counterparty risk" as an integrated offering from within the bank and applying existing banking standards, such as for risk and compliance
  • Connecting a variety of products and onboarding new tokens based on existing standards
  • Use of bank infrastructure to provide IT services at a familiar "institutional grade level"
  • Regulated and ISO 27001 audited IT management & "on-chain" money laundering audits.
  • Custody of cryptocurrencies, tokens, crypto securities and crypto fund shares
  • Sophisticated role, user and approval concept with possibility for short-term process definition
  • Connection to regulated and licensed trading for cryptocurrencies
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