Investing from 25,000 euro

Investing from 25,000 euro

Activate the full potential of your assets – with the digital wealth management system of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe


Smart technology and many years of experience

Existing forms of investment have so far seemed too costly or not transparent enough. But just "parking" your assets is no solution either. And you know it. Because due to inflation and negative interest rates, your assets are actually decreasing every day.

With Zeedin, the new form of investment, you can invest in a wide range of securities without having to worry about a thing. Individual, professional, sustainable. Simply online from home, 24/7 and with a team of investment experts behind you.

The digital wealth management. Simple, individual, professional and multiple award-winning

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Zeedin is all about you

Your investor profile

It is clear that your investment should perfectly match your goals. With Zeedin, you create your personal investment profile online. Based on this personal input, Zeedin determines the optimal strategy for your investment. Simple, individual and sustainable.

If you have more in-depth knowledge of investing yourself, you can also further personalize the asset classes and the investment universe (funds and ETFs or individual securities) according to your wishes. And if, for example, you only want to invest according to ethical criteria, that is also possible with Zeedin. This is how true individuality works.

Once you have decided on an investment strategy, you can directly make your investment online. From then on, our experienced investment team will take care of the development of your assets.

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Your advantages

Simple, individual, holistic

Simply invest

Zeedin is the digital wealth management from Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe. It offers you the possibility to invest your money simple, individual and sustainable.

Customize individually

Determine your investment profile with Zeedin and adapt our investment proposal to your personal needs.

Holistic advice

Benefit from over 226 years of investment experience. We will be happy to advise you online, by telephone or on site at one of our branches.

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Invest money from 25,000 euros

Holistic care

With Zeedin, you get access to over 225 years of experience in wealth management, starting from an investment amount of 25,000 euros. Thanks to this experience, we know that smart algorithms and digital availability alone are no guarantee for the positive development of your assets.

That's why with Zeedin we focus on a holistic advisory approach: With us, you have the opportunity to discuss your digitally determined investment proposal with one of our customer advisors online, by phone or on-site at a branch. You can discuss immediate questions about the investment or deposit opening route with our customer service team by calling +49 69 2161 1113 from Monday to Friday between 9.00-17.00 or by sending an e-mail to We look forward to your call!

Our expertise

Determine for yourself which wealth management best suits your needs

With Zeedin you have the choice

Fundbased wealth management

Fundbased wealth management

from 25,000 euros
  • Investments in ETFs as well as actively managed investment funds from a broad international investment spectrum
  • Additional certificates and gold for further diversification
  • Individual investment strategy for your personal risk-return profile
  • Portfolio management by our in-house investment team

With single title selection

 Single stock based wealth management

Single stock based wealth management

from 150,000 Euro
  • Investments in individual securities (equities and bonds) from a broad international investment spectrum.
  • For further diversification additionally certificates, gold and if necessary investment funds
  • Individual investment strategy for your personal risk-return profile
  • Individual selection of the most promising individual securities by our in-house investment team

With single title selection

Ethical wealth management

Ethical wealth management

from 150,000 euro
  • Investments in individual securities (stocks and bonds) and, if applicable, investment funds according to ethically-sustainable criteria
  • Exclusively companies with strict ecological and social standards with full transparency
  • Individual investment strategy for your personal risk-return profile
  • Individual selection and monitoring of individual securities by our in-house investment team

As part of our digital wealth asset management, we determine your individual investor profile, on the basis of which we provide you with a specific investment proposal, which may differ from the above presentation.

The above presentation refers to an example portfolio and is therefore for graphical illustration purposes only. It represents neither investment advice nor an investment recommendation. Based on the defined risk classes and the selected investment amount, we determine an efficient portfolio consisting of bonds, equities, gold and risk-adjusted investments (certificates).

The orange line represents our expected value for this example portfolio. In the event of a negative development, the lower limit marks the value that will not be undershot with 99% probability. The gray line marks the range that will not be exceeded with 99% probability. The expected return of the portfolio is calculated from the investment structure and the returns expected by our team of experts per asset class. We determine the fluctuation range of the portfolio from the development of the underlying weighted indices over the last 20 years - under the assumption that this will not change in the future.

Any statements regarding market developments, returns, price gains or other asset growth, as well as risk figures, represent our forecasts only. Tax aspects and costs are not taken into account. In particular, past performance, simulations or forecasts are not reliable indicators of future performance. Assets can rise as well as fall. Therefore, no liability is assumed for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of all information.

Your investment with Zeedin in three steps

1. Your investment profile

Zeedin supports you in determining your investment goals and risk tolerance, taking into account your personal, financial possibilities as well as your knowledge of securities.

2. Your investment proposal

Based on your information, Zeedin determines an optimal investment strategy for you. You can then review this investment proposal and, if necessary, adjust it according to your own wishes.

3. Your investment

Now you can open your digital asset management directly 24/7 online. From now on, your investment will be continuously optimized according to your objectives. With Zeedin you keep everything in view.

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Zeedin, the name of our digital wealth management, stands for the combination of the best of two worlds: the digital, modern aspect on the one hand, and the long-standing tradition and expertise of our company on the other. The word "zeed" stands for growth and return of the investment you entrust us with, as well as for our future. "In" stands for intelligence, innovation and individuality. In other words, the characteristics that distinguish our digital wealth management.

Our offering is aimed, among others, at customers who want to invest for the medium to long term without wanting or being able to look after their investments themselves on a daily basis. With our many years of tradition and expertise in the securities business, we offer these customers the opportunity to have their assets professionally managed.

For fund-based wealth management, the minimum investment amount is €25,000. If you would like to receive wealth asset management based on individual securities, the minimum investment amount is €150,000 - for both the classic and the ethical-sustainable variant.

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Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe has many years of expertise in the analysis of individual stocks and the identification of potential for value growth. In this way, we try to identify companies even in market phases with weaker development that can decouple themselves from this trend and show a positive value development despite the market environment. Similarly, the companies identified in this way also show the potential to outperform the general trend in good market phases. By actively selecting individual stocks, we as asset managers are able to individually adjust your portfolio to market conditions at any time within the framework of your chosen investment strategy.

After you complete the onboarding process, we will create your account and custody account and inform you about the account and custody account opening. After successful transfer of the investment amount, we will set up your target portfolio in about 2-3 business days.

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