UCITS- and AIFM-Fund Management-Services in Ireland

UCITS- and AIFM-Fund Management-Services in Ireland

Support for fund managers in the US, UK and Ireland.

UCITS management company and alternative investment fund manager (AIFM)

HAL Fund Services Ireland (HALFI)

HAL Fund Services Ireland (HALFI) is a fully authorized UCITS management company and alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2019, Hauck & Aufhauser Fund Services, a subsidiary of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe (HAL), acquired a majority stake in CCM. The acquisition further expands the bank's global footprint, offering fund initiators before taking full ownership in 2022. 


HAL Fund Services Ireland Limited is aware of a website operating under the name of Garlin Investments ICAV (website: www.GarlinInvestmentsICAV.com) which is not a lawfully incorporated firm or authorised to provide financial services. This ICAV is attempting to pass itself off as the legitimately incorporated and authorised Irish fund, Garlin Investments ICAV (CBI reference number: C189436).
The referred cloned Garlin Investment ICAV is in no way connected to the legitimate investment vehicle of the same name or its management company, HAL Fund Services Ireland Limited,  or the registered address outlined on the cloned fund’s website. The appropriate authorities, including local police enforcement and the Irish Financial Regulator, have been notified and they are investigating the matter.
Before engaging financial services of any kind, you are urged to take steps to avoid being scammed or defrauded of your money. This includes making the necessary inquiries and obtaining independent advice. Never provide personal information about yourself or agree to send money until you are satisfied that the firm you are dealing with is authorised and appropriately registered.
Unfortunately, where an investment is made with or to an unauthorised firm, there is no recourse to recoup money lost by people who deal with unauthorised firms. 

Financial Assets

Services in Ireland

As a European fund management company, we can launch your UCITS fund either as a standalone structure or in a hosted ICAV platform. Our team of dedicated experts provides a range of services and key administration functions with a cost-effective solution tailored to the exact needs of each fund.

Real Assets

Services in Ireland

As recognized experts in real asset investments such as private equity and real estate, we help you launch a regulated European investment structure in the form of an alternative investment fund (AIF), either as a stand-alone structure or as a sub-fund on a platform. In doing so, our experienced team assists real asset clients in launching and distributing their strategies in multiple jurisdictions, navigating them safely through the challenging and rapidly changing EU regulatory environment.


Supporting fund managers in their expansion into Europe

Together, we provide the critical infrastructure that global mid-market fund managers need to establish or expand legitimate operations in Europe and beyond. In doing so, our goal is to turn this complex process into a simple solution that works for every fund manager.


Proactively help mid-market fund managers navigate a complex world.


Use of the latest technology to provide a high-quality and reliable infrastructure.


Sicerheit und Sorgenfreiheit für Fondsmanager in einer komplexen Welt.


Tailored solutions for a wide range of asset classes.

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Services in the area fund management

Supporting mid-market fund managers in a complex world

Supported by HAL's long experience in the mid-market segment, the services offered in Ireland are tailored to the needs of mid-sized fund managers. We help fund managers who have already successfully established themselves in the domestic market and are now looking for an easy and cost-effective way to expand internationally.

Our services are therefore aimed at clients who want to gain a foothold in Europe and need a European-regulated vehicle to do so. Whether we launch a fund through our in-house platform or establish a stand-alone fund, we have the experience, knowledge and flexibility to achieve the optimal result for each client.

We pride ourselves on the value our partnership approach can bring to any client relationship. Our team of dedicated investment professionals provides each client with a range of investment management services and key management functions with a cost-effective solution tailored to the exact needs of each fund.

Managing the fast-changing regulatory environment in the EU can be complicated. We partner with world-class service providers and operate a market-leading technology infrastructure for compliance monitoring, risk, and reporting.

A broad range of asset classes and investment strategies

Our Services

Our services are aimed at clients with complex requirements, particularly those active in the private markets (private equity, real estate, infrastructure, lending). This is an area where our team has developed deep expertise over the years.

Our services include:


  • Capital and financial management - a knowledge-based approach from an established team of experienced investment management professionals.
  • Risk management - our holistic investment and operational risk management provides continuous assurance and control
  • Discretionary investment management - benefit from our one-stop solution
  • Regulatory compliance - we help our clients operate safely and legally in a complex regulatory environment
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting - ensuring clients have access to the right data at the right time
  • Distribution services - adding value every step of the way.

Modern software and reliable infrastructure

Technology & regulatory processes

Working with a trusted network of high quality open architecture service providers, we offer services and the most reliable infrastructure for trading, risk management and regulatory compliance.

Our comprehensive trade execution desk is based on state-of-the-art OMS/PMS software with pre- and post-trade compliance. The technology infrastructure that all of our clients rely on is based on Bloomberg AIM Core and PORT+ capabilities, complemented by Fund Axis risk monitoring and GlobeOp task management and documentation control.

Together we offer fund managers security

Reliable Partner in Europe

Trust is a value that has characterized the philosophy and customer work of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe for more than two centuries. Because we know that clients looking to invest in Europe particularly value the security and certainty of a solid partner. A strong relationship with regulators and a reliable, state-of-the-art operating platform are also essential.

For individual needs of fund managers

Strategies for many asset classes

Our services span a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies. Our customized offering is of particular value to clients with complex and demanding requirements.


Reducing complexity - in Europe and beyond

Support for international expansion

Together, we simplify the world for fund managers and initiators, creating security for their assets.

We are at your disposal.

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