Bridge financing

Bridge financing

We offer you short-term pre-financing or interim financing for your specific needs until the final follow-up financing.

Bridging a liquidity bottleneck

Bridge Financing

Bridge financing can be used to bridge a liquidity bottleneck, for example because investors have not paid in their capital commitments on time or because an unforeseen, time-critical investment opportunity is to be made and the corresponding investor funds are not yet available. In addition to this flexibility as a key characteristic of bridge financing, the main motivation for using it is to strengthen the company's own competitiveness in the market. Today, the credit instrument has developed into a fundamental financial instrument, especially in the private equity and real estate sectors.

We ensure your flexibility and speed of implementation

Our Service for Fund clients

The option of bridge financing - regardless of whether it is structured as an individual credit line or a revolving credit line - has established itself as a fundamental addition for fund customers and complements our proven all-in-one service concept, which aims to provide a holistic investment solution and thus guarantees not only flexibility but also speed of implementation.

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