Cross Asset Execution

Cross Asset Execution

Our trading, with over 20 years of trading experience, always handles your transactions for equities, ETFs and exchange-traded derivatives with best execution in mind.

Cash Trading

In the equities cash trading area, more than 10 global brokers and 12 local specialists are available for global trading. We trade via our own Xetra market access and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and settle uniform commissions for all brokers.

Exchange Traded Derivates

Global trading in exchange-traded derivatives is conducted via the Fidessa trading system, and we also use our own market access at Eurex (DCM). We work with spread orders, rolls and multi-leg strategies; the execution of futures orders is implemented with the help of algorithms.

ETF RFQ Execution

We implement trading in ETFs through net risk prices from at least 3 counterparties in Competition, trading at NAV plus/discount spread is also possible in Competition.

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