Crypto securities register

Crypto securities register

Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe was one of the first providers in the market that has received permission to register crypto securities and crypto fund shares. This makes us one of the first in the market to offer issuance on a blockchain.

German Electronic Securities Act (eWpG)

Crypto securities and fund shares

Until the Electronic Securities Act was passed, securities in Germany were still issued on paper. In order to take the next evolutionary step here, the law was developed based on initiatives in the market and has not only enabled the "dematerialization" of securities, but has even gone one step beyond that: Securities and fund shares can now already be issued on a blockchain as tokens in Germany.

In regulatory terms, the instruments are conventional securities and fund shares with all known rights and obligations, but issued in the form of a token instead of paper. For crypto fund shares in particular, there is a requirement that depository and registry services must be provided by a one-stop shop. As an already regulated depository, we at Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe are one of the few providers in the market that is capable of issuing crypto fund shares.

Our services as a registrar

  • Registration of securities and fund shares on a crypto securities registry and issuance on a public blockchain with high speed transactions
  • Fast settlement of securities transfer on the blockchain
  • Provision of sample issuance and investment conditions for our clients
  • Professional document management for the filing of the issuance and investment conditions
  • Custody of securities and fund shares issued as tokens in the in-house crypto custodian Hauck Aufhäuser Digital Custody AG
  • Regulated and audited IT management, as well as GoBD and ISO 270001 certified management software for products and investors
  • Established compliance, risk and control procedures on the level of a fully regulated private bank
"Crypto securities and crypto fund units are another building block of our digital asset strategy. Our range of different services for digital assets is unique in Germany. At the same time, with our current approval as a registrar for crypto securities, we are demonstrating that, in addition to offering cryptoassets, we are also digitising our core business with blockchain technology."
Simon Seiter, Head of Digital Assets

Regulated overall process from a single source

As a regulated German financial institution, we offer not only singular services such as crypto securities registry, but a regulated overall process with all necessary licenses and infrastructures.

As a bank, we cover both securities settlement and payment transactions in our traditional business. In addition, all subsequent processes for institutional investors are already in place in our depository.

As a crypto custodian, we have a license to hold native crypto assets.  In addition, we can also keep newly issued crypto securities and crypto fund shares in regulated custody and use existing connections to the bank. A so-called "self custody", which would be associated with significant risks, is therefore not necessary.

Crypto securities register

Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe maintains a crypto securities register within the meaning of the German Electronic Securities Act (eWpG). In the future, access to the deposited terms and conditions of the crypto securities registered with Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe will be established here.

* At the instigation of the issuer, access to the issue conditions may be restricted in accordance with section 5 (1) sentence 2 of the German Electronic Securities Act (eWpG).

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