Real Estate Investment Management

Real Estate Investment Management

We offer institutional investors investment solutions in the area of real estate. We focus on needs-based investment solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements and investment guidelines of our investors and offer a suitable risk-return profile.

Exclusive access to attractive real estate

Current real estate investment strategies

Real estate is an important component of investments by institutional investors. This is why this segment is the focus of our activities. We develop attractive and sustainable investment strategies that often differ noticeably from the usual market concepts and thus offer added value for our customers. In principle, all segments and risk classes are considered. Increasingly, the focus is on the individual needs of investors.

Sourcing via the network: Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe provides an ideal platform with access to all market participants in the financial and real estate sectors, among others. This creates ideas and innovative investment opportunities with often early and exclusive access to attractive real estate. This circumstance gains more and more importance, due to further increasing investor demand.

"All institutional investors are united by the desire for access to capital at an early stage after the decision to invest has been made. Therefore, access to appropriate properties is a crucial factor."
Patrick Brinker, Head of Real Estate Investment Management

Social infrastructure

The "H&A Social Infrastructure" fund invests in basic medical and social services in Germany. The focus is on health centres with the following types of use: medical practices, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and medical retail. In addition, depending on the location and requirements, individual components of basic social services can be integrated - such as age-appropriate living, outpatient care or day care centres. Preferably, the properties are intersectoral health centres, medical centres, MVZs or neighbourhood concepts. The death of hospitals, the shortage of general practitioners, demographic change, medical progress and the change in the healthcare system towards strengthening outpatient care (outpatientisation) are the reasons for a very high need for investment in this segment over the next few years.

The "H&A Social Infrastructure" fund was designed as an open-ended special real estate fund. Sustainability criteria are continuously monitored by means of our ESG strategy, and the fund is accredited as an Article 8 fund according to SDFR.

Upon reaching the target volume of approx. 300 million euros, we plan to close this fund in the first quarter of 2023. At the same time, we are already working on a successor product so that we can successfully continue the social infrastructure strategy.

Health centre in Hagen


Food Retail Germany

The "H&A Lebensmitteleinzelhandel Deutschland" fund invests in a basic human need and thus also in a systemically relevant sector. The fund pursues a unique "manage-to-core" strategy and forecasts investors a stable high distribution yield and an attractive target return (IRR) that exceeds the standard market returns of commercial properties. In doing so, the fund can draw on the expertise of a highly specialised and very experienced team, some of whom come from the food retail sector. The fund was closed on schedule at the end of 2021 with an investment volume of more than 300 million euros.

In April 2022, we launched "HAL Lebensmitteleinzelhandel Deutschland 2", a similarly structured successor fund. The seed money raised was fully invested in a challenging market environment. We are currently in the process of raising capital in order to be able to acquire further assets. This fund is also accredited as an Article 8 fund according to SDFR and takes into account the requirements regarding various ESG criteria.

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