Shares Small & Mid Cap

Shares Small & Mid Cap

In a historical long-term comparison, small companies can outperform.

Diversified equity portfolio

Euro Small and Mid Cap Investment­strategies

In our actively managed Euro Small and Mid Cap investment strategies, we invest for our clients in a broadly diversified equity portfolio, thereby combining the return and diversification advantages of small and mid-cap companies. In doing so, we take sustainability criteria into account out of conviction and apply strict criteria to the companies' business models.

Investment­ process & Risk ­management

From a universe of around 2,500 pan-European small & mid caps, we first select those stocks that can demonstrate sufficient market liquidity. In addition, only ESG-compliant stocks are identified through the use of sustainability criteria.

By using quantitative screening and valuation models and drawing on fundamental analysis from our research partners, we ensure efficient, ongoing and systematic analysis of the universe.

As part of a qualitative analysis, we make particular use of company visits, investor conferences, roadshows and analyst meetings to further assess stocks from our universe. In this way, we identify business models that are convincing and comprehensible in the long term.

The weighting of investment regions and sectors is based on our macroeconomic assessment. In the selection of securities, we focus on broad diversification in order to spread risks as best as possible. Stock positions are monitored on an ongoing basis and weightings are actively managed.

Your advantages

Our Investments in Small und Mid Cap Shares

Suitable for investors, ...


  • who wish to invest in small companies from the Eurozone with pan-European admixtures.
  • who want to focus on ESG compliant business models and achieve broad diversification.
  • who want a sophisticated selection and portfolio construction process.
  • who value continuous risk management and monitoring.
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