Shares Europe

Shares Europe

As an active fund manager, we do not track market indices, but select the most promising investments from a risk-reward perspective.

Regional and sectoral allocation

Investment Universe

Our investment universe consists mainly of European large caps, mixed with small and mid cap stocks. The decision of our investment committee forms the basic framework for the regional and sectoral allocation. Individual client needs and specific risk/return requirements, as well as regulatory restrictions where applicable, are taken into account at all times.

Investment ­process & Risk ­management

Through the use of qualitative and quantitative methods, attractive equity investments are identified for the investable universe. Qualitative methods include in particular company visits, investor conferences, roadshows and analyst meetings. In the area of quantitative methods, we use Bloomberg EQS and FactSet, among others. With both methods, we generate a manageable and manageable universe.

The universe is subjected to a classic fundamental stock analysis. In addition to analyzing the key business ratios, we examine the sustainability of the business model, corporate strategy and barriers to market entry. This is embedded in an economic and stock market cycle analysis, where the team's many years of experience come into play. In this way, we identify stocks that should significantly outperform the current market indices on a 2-3 year horizon.

All stocks that meet our investment criteria are included in the selection list. The insights gained through the previous process stages are presented in a weekly team meeting, new investment and sales ideas are then discussed, previous decisions are reviewed and decisions are made according to the majority principle. As a result, an investable universe of approximately 100 stocks is determined, which our fund managers are allowed to draw on.

Our clients' portfolios are populated from the stocks on the selection list. The respective portfolio manager is responsible for the selected stocks and the corresponding weighting. In doing so, the respective customer preferences and risk appetite are strictly taken into account.

Continuous monitoring processes are in place at both portfolio management and risk controlling & management level. In particular, we monitor the alignment of the portfolios in line with the risk/return profiles of our investors and the implementation of legal and customer-specific requirements.

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Our European equity strategy

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  • who want to invest in the European stock market.
  • who want to implement individual specifications in their portfolio.
  • who want a sophisticated selection and portfolio construction process.
  • who value continuous risk management and monitoring.
  • who are interested in continuous, personal support.
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