Global Pensions

Global Pensions

For investors looking for an alternative to the extremely low interest rates in the eurozone, the global bond markets of the major industrialized nations offer an attractive alternative with comparable credit ratings.

Attractive risk-reward ratio

The combination of an attractive yield level with low correlated bond and currency markets achieves an attractive risk-reward ratio.

Investment­ process & Risk ­management

Our fundamental investment approach aims to invest in the most attractive global fixed income markets.

The investment focus is on excellently rated government bonds and covered bonds.

The performance of the LAM Renten Global fund is generated from different earnings contributions. They are mainly the result of active duration, interest rate differential, and currency management.

The LAM Renten Global fund stands out from its competitors due to its high degree of currency diversification.

The LAM Renten Global fund is characterized by its investment approach that is not oriented to a market benchmark.

Your advantages

Our strategy in global bonds

Suitable for investors, ...


  • who wish to invest in a highly liquid and fungible portfolio.
  • who aim to participate in a high level of returns with excellent credit quality.
  • who value diversification effects in their overall portfolio.
  • who wish to reduce the euro-heaviness of their overall portfolio.
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