Classic Euro Bonds

Classic Euro Bonds

The euro bond market has gained considerably in importance in recent years and continues to be the investment focus for many investors.

Individual Balance

Individual triad

The combination of three sensibly balanced segments geared to customer needs is of particular importance. These are public bonds (government bonds, agencies, supranationals) and the covered bonds and corporate bonds segments.

The aim here is to strike a balance between security and return that is in line with our customers' risk appetite.

Investment ­process & Risk ­management

Although we are supported by numerous quantitative tools in our daily work, investment decisions are ultimately based on our fundamental assessment.

Interest rate sensitivity is of particular importance to us (duration management). The risk-bearing capacity of our customers - often detached from a capital market benchmark - is the most important key figure here.

The weighting of the individual product classes in relation to each other forms the basis for a harmonious and opportunity-oriented portfolio. On this basis, the portfolio manager(s) select(s) interesting individual securities with a balanced risk-reward profile as part of a dedicated analysis.

Your advantages

Our strategy in classic euro bonds

Suitable for investors, ...

  • who wish to invest in the European bond market.
  • who wish to benefit from exposure to different segments.
  • who want a sophisticated selection and portfolio construction process.
  • who value continuous risk management and monitoring.
  • who are interested in favorable cost structures and personal service.
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