Corporate hybrid bonds

Corporate hybrid bonds

The response of many investors to the low level of interest rates is to take greater credit and maturity risks.

Attractive Alternative

Corporate hybrid bonds

Lampe Asset Management tapped into the opportunities offered by corporate hybrid bonds more than 15 years ago as an attractive alternative and was a pioneer in launching a UCITS mutual fund in 2014.

Corporate hybrid bonds are subordinated corporate bonds with both debt and equity-like characteristics. In terms of importance and attention, the asset class of corporate hybrid bonds has been growing at an above-average rate for years and promises a significant additional return for investors compared with traditional fixed-income securities.

Investment­ process & Risk ­management

The intelligent combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses forms the core of the fundamentally driven investment process.

An intensive examination of the securities prospectus and the precise terms and conditions of the individual bonds is essential.
We use a proprietary database, which has been further developed over many years, to analyze the complex bond contracts.

The combination of the two processes is the central instrument for managing the portfolio.

There is a permanent database-supported analysis of the contract components and the resulting opportunities and risks.

All portfolio managers are excellently networked thanks to their many years of market presence.

Your advantages

Our strategy in corporate hybrid bonds

Suitable for investors, ...


  • who want to achieve a significant additional return compared to traditional bonds by deliberately collecting structural premiums.
  • who want to benefit from the high expertise of a pioneer in the asset class of corporate hybrid bonds.
  • who want to tap into an extremely attractive investment segment from a risk-reward perspective, which is enjoying rapidly growing popularity among investors and issuers.
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