Fundamental Balanced

Fundamental Balanced

We design the Balanced Mandate of our clients according to their requirements.

Specific financial needs

Individual and demand-oriented solutions

At the heart of our investment approach is an understanding of our clients' specific financial needs. In a joint dialog, we develop individual and unbiased solutions that fit their requirements and pursue their interests effectively and stringently. From day one, our clients speak to their portfolio managers, who are available to them directly and without detours and responsibly implement their individual solution concept.

Investment ­process & Risk ­management

Our investment decisions are based on fundamental capital market analysis, which analyzes complex macroeconomic relationships and evaluates them embedded in investment committee structures, with the experience and intellect of experienced portfolio managers and economists.

The fundamentally driven world view is complemented by the use of quantitative tools. Based on the insights gained, the portfolio manager then generates investment ideas, taking into account the strategic guidelines set by the Investment Committee.

Macroeconomic data, monetary and fiscal policy, geopolitical developments as well as sector and company analyses form the basis of our fundamental analysis. Technical factors, chart patterns and indicators additionally solidify our overall picture. Numerous quantitative tools are used for pre-selection and help to focus on the key factors and the portfolio manager's qualitative assessment.

Opportunities and risks are permanently weighed up against each other in the portfolio context with a sense of proportion. Risk management is thus an integral part of our investment process and a central factor influencing the investment strategy. We question market opinions and align our actions with the needs of our clients - deviations from the "mainstream" are thereby an expression of our conviction that anti-cyclical action is rewarded.

Due to our flat hierarchy, our fast decision-making processes and a corporate culture characterized by responsibility, we can implement investment decisions quickly and stringently. An open and transparent communication culture forms the basis for a trusting cooperation.

Your advantages

Our Fundamental Balanced Strategy

Suitable for investors, ...


  • who are looking for individual solutions for a broadly diversified portfolio.
  • who want to take advantage of the earnings opportunities offered by different asset classes such as equities, bonds and money market instruments.
  • who are looking for an actively managed portfolio allocation based on individual specifications.
  • who want a sophisticated selection and portfolio construction process.
  • who value continuous risk management and monitoring.
  • who are interested in continuous, personal support.
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