Wealth management

Wealth management

At the heart of this concept is your personal investment proposal and thus a perfectly tailored investment strategy. We then discuss this together and make adjustments where you see a need - whether in the area of real assets or sustainability.

Achieving financial goals individually and sustainably

From investment proposal to asset management

After we have discussed your investment proposal together, we will take over the structuring of your assets as part of our asset management service - in traditional private & corporate banking from 1 million euros or via the digital asset management service Zeedin from as little as 25,000 euros. Taking out an asset management agreement means that you open a custody account with Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe.  Our investment experts at Lampe Asset Management take care of the allocation of your portfolio.

Through regular meetings with your personal advisor, reporting and our modern online banking services you will always have full control over your current financial status as well as your financial goals. Should you not only wish to draw on our expertise in portfolio allocation, but also wish to remain active yourself, you can also make use of our investment advisory services. In this case, the asset management remains your own responsibility and we will assist you in an advisory capacity.

Combination of science and experience

Our investment approach

Our wealth management services are aligned with our core competencies. We concentrate on those areas in which we have the greatest proven experience and place our focus on classic investments such as equities and bonds. We have built up considerable expertise in these areas over decades - one of the reasons why, as a multi-award-winning wealth manager, we maintain and increase a steadily growing number of assets over the long term.

As a private bank in the heart of the continent, we not only have great expertise in European blue chip stocks as well as small and mid caps, but also offer you a global investment horizon.


We are active

Market capitalization benchmarks are mostly defined arbitrarily. We therefore deliberately and significantly deviate from these benchmarks in our investment style. This means that we actively select the stocks in your portfolio based on our insights from our research activities as well as our experience.


Fundamental and quantitative analysis

We analyze markets and securities on the basis of their business data and the economic environment. We make our investment decisions based on this fundamental assessment. All decisions are preceded by a quantitative model as an anchor to summarize information.

Research-based and independent decisions

In all markets and securities, our investments are made through defined research processes. We only invest where these research processes are established. We are independent in our analyses and decisions and place the highest value on quality and objectivity in our investment decisions.

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