Investment advisory services

Investment advisory services

Sometimes the needs of our customers go far beyond classic asset solutions and also specific advice on other investment strategies is requested. We will be happy to support you in this respect within the framework of comprehensive investment advice.

Benefit from our expertise in liquid and illiquid asset classes

Long-standing capital market expertise

In addition to asset management, we also continue to offer investment advice out of complete conviction. In doing so, our Experts will assist you in all financial matters and advise you according to your individual financial goals - also taking into account individual product categories, such as real assets or ESG criteria. After a holistic asset analysis, we support you in investing your assets: You benefit from our research and expertise in liquid and illiquid asset classes. In concrete terms, this means that you have access to expert knowledge and comprehensive research. The desired information supply for the respective investment decision is ensured quickly, directly and flexibly. In doing so, we draw on both internal and external research.

Get access to our research

Advanced knowledge on capital markets

If you choose to receive investment advice, you will have access to our in-house research and related publications and recommendations. This includes analyses of global economic and capital market issues, as well as equity and fixed income markets, which also influence our own asset allocation decisions. We focus on traditional equities and bonds as well as liquidity instruments, currencies and investment funds. In addition, we offer special expertise in alternative investment products and entrepreneurial investments. In addition, we also use third-party research, which we obtain from third parties and which complements our own research. This means that our investment experts can draw on our entire internal research know-how as well as on external analysis results when providing investment advice.

Alternative returns for your portfolio

Alternative investments

In the ongoing low interest rate market environment, more and more investors are looking outside the equity and bond markets for alternative return contributions for their portfolios. Alternative investments, by which we primarily mean medium- and long-term investments in real assets, can be a solution. This is because investors receive premiums here for the illiquidity and complexity of the investment as well as its specific risks.

In our opinion, three factors are essential for the success of alternative investments:

  • the selection of an individually suitable investment strategy
  • the selection of an efficient asset or portfolio manager
  • the extent of the admixture in the respective investment portfolio

We support you in your investments. Our core competencies lie in the selection of suitable asset managers as well as in the qualitative examination of investment offers. And we accompany the investments you have subscribed to over the entire holding period.

Our focus is on the asset classes of private equity, renewable energies, infrastructure, logistics and real estate. Individual transactions for family offices and semi-professional investors round off our range of services.


Determine your risk-return profile

Wealth structure analysis and financial planning

Our asset structuring tool Optima makes the potential of your portfolio transparent. In this way, we check whether the risk-return profile of your portfolio is efficient from a scientific point of view. We then work with you to design a strategy for your assets. We determine an optimal portfolio that matches your investment mentality. And we take care of the implementation. Thanks to our asset structuring, all investments complement each other and achieve an optimal result in total.


Ensuring long-term financial success - for companies and families

Intergenerational consulting

However, our customers' needs often extend far beyond traditional wealth management solutions. To a large extent, we advise families and companies across generations. This also includes topics such as financial and liquidity planning, succession and foundation advice as well as execution of wills or credit advice. In the context of succession planning, we advise entrepreneurial clients with a holistic approach by holding discussions with all partners, their spouses and children. If you wish, this can be implemented according to your ideas right from the start. In this way, we work with you to lay the foundation for your financial success - whether as an individual, a company or for the whole family.


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