Alternative investments

Alternative investments

You are looking for further diversification opportunities for your portfolio? That's exactly where alternative investments can help.

Study with the Leipzig Graduate School of Management

The role of alternative investments

In cooperation with scientists from the renowned Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL), we have conducted a study to investigate and evaluate the role of real assets, such as real estate, private equity, infrastructure and gold, as an addition to various portfolios. The results show that the integration of alternative investments into strategic asset allocation can increase returns and reduce risk.

"Investments in asset classes such as so-called alternative investments are increasing massively. Definitions vary by market, but increasingly include hedge funds, private markets, real estate, infrastructure and commodities, as well as digital assets such as cryptocurrencies."
Oliver Plaack, Chief Market Officer Private & Corporate Banking

More stability in the portfolio

Real assets in private investment portfolios

Our aim is to explain to all clients the advantages of real assets in private investment portfolios, as the aforementioned asset classes can significantly reduce the overall risk of an asset structure and contribute to greater stability in the portfolio, especially in the overall portfolio context. At the same time, alternative sources of return can be tapped. However, the investment horizon for such investments is often ten years or more. This is why entrepreneurs in particular currently prefer this option for risk diversification. We would be happy to present our products to you in a personal meeting.

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