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The motivations behind establishing a foundation are as varied as the personalities behind them.

In addition to practical motives such as the desire to preserve one's own company, provide financial security for the family, or organize personal estate, personal beliefs, shaped by the founder's life journey, his value system, inclinations, and interests play a significant role.

Most founders pursue charitable, benevolent, or ecclesiastical purposes with their foundations, with social commitment at the forefront. However, for many founders, the societal recognition that comes with it takes a backseat to the desire to dedicate themselves to a fulfilling and satisfying task.

As varied as the motives of a founder may be, establishing a foundation is one of the most far-reaching and beautiful decisions in a founder's life.

Experience makes the difference!

Being founders of the Hauck & Aufhäuser Cultural Foundation and well-acquainted with the founding process ourselves, we want to accompany you on your journey to your own foundation and support you in implementing your ideas.

Our offer includes a professional and holistic consulting service from the initial consideration to the foundation's establishment.

Of course, we are also available to you and the foundation after its establishment with further services individually tailored to the foundation. This includes not only our excellent solutions in managing the foundation's assets. We also provide strategic advice to our foundation clients, support them in fundraising and public relations. Last but not least, we connect our foundation clients with like-minded people, supporters, sponsors, and other interesting network partners.

Asset Management 

We advise over 400 foundations and non-profit organizations, ranging from smaller entities to some of the largest, well-known foundations in Germany. From our experiences and conversations with our foundation clients, we understand that foundations have very specific needs.

Our offerings for the management of foundation assets have been specially developed to meet these needs. This includes not just our tax-exempt HAL Sustainability Fund Foundations, which is exclusively available to tax-exempt foundations and organizations.

The foundation boards have the option to choose between active portfolio management or a systematic, rule-based asset management approach. They can decide whether the asset management should be aimed at achieving a target return and what role sustainability criteria should play.

If desired, we also offer asset management with individual securities in a fund structure, also as individual fund solutions, exclusively according to the specifications of the foundations.

Director, Wealth Management, Strategic Advice

Stephan Dankert

"We support foundations in drawing up or optimising their investment guidelines. By supporting our more than 400 foundation clients, we have excellent insight into investment guidelines that effectively work in reality and are a real help to foundation boards."

Deputy Director, Head of Foundation and Succession Planning

Karen Krämer

"We offer founders comprehensive advice in advance of the establishment of a foundation, in particular with regard to their personal asset inheritance plans and future liquidity requirements. We provide founders with the necessary overview."

Director, Head of Foundations, Non-Profit Organisations and Philanthropy

Marcus Küster

"Our clients include private individuals, companies and, of course, foundations. It is therefore natural and intuitive for us to bring the right people together. In addition to our customer events, we also use social media and publications such as our customer magazine "Substanz & Werte" and the "@Privatbank1796" magazine for this purpose.


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