Expertise and experience

Expertise and experience

Independent test winner!

Your assets in the hands of over 40 experts

With Zeedin, you place your assets in the hands of a multi-award-winning team that understands targeted, tactical asset allocation. The service portfolio of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Wealth Management is aligned with our core competencies. Our business focus has always been on active investment strategies in the equity and fixed income segments. The focus on these segments, coupled with value development responsibility and a professional investment process, are the clear unique selling proposition for our investment process.

Multi Asset Management

Optimal combination of asset classes

At its heart is the optimal combination of asset classes: multi-asset management. The overriding goal is to preserve and grow your assets over the long term. The success of our wealth management has received several awards.

"We have built particular expertise in our asset management approaches with a focus on tactical asset allocation."
Burkhard Allgeier, Chief Investment Officer Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe | Geschäftsführer von H&A Global Investment Management

The benefits of a multifaceted advisory approach

We know from experience that wealth management is not an easy topic. That's why we don't leave you alone with your questions and rely on a hybrid advisory approach. Zeedin's experts are always there for you.

From 25,000 euro

Support via co-browsing

You would like to conclude a digital wealth management agreement (from 25,000 Euro) with Zeedin, but you have some further questions regarding your investment proposal? Our Zeedin Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you. In concrete terms, this means that you can clarify your questions in the investment process directly via chat or by telephone.

You are also welcome to discuss your investment proposal with a client advisor via co-browsing before signing the contract - at any time by appointment via our digital appointment scheduler. In addition, your investment management includes a free portfolio review meeting during the first year.

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From 500,000 Euro

Holistic asset analysis

Are you considering an expansion of your digital wealth management (from 500,000 euros) or do you need comprehensive support for complex financial concerns? We would be happy to conduct a holistic wealth analysis. In doing so, we look together at how your life situation, investment mentality and investment goals can be reconciled.

In addition, we will provide you with a personal advisor of your choice who will work with you on an ongoing basis to optimize your investment strategy.

Private Banking/Investment advice

Do you also want to invest intelligently?

Activate the full potential of your assets.




Our fund wealth management allows an optimal allocation in your portfolio, even for smaller investment amounts that could not be sufficiently diversified with an individual stock selection. We use the expertise of the Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe investment team to select the best investment funds and create a portfolio structure based on your investment strategy. The mix of actively managed funds and exchange traded funds that track an index allows, to a certain extent, to decouple from the general development of the financial market indices.

It is not possible to predict an exact portfolio return. However, complex calculation methods are used to determine portfolios that have an optimal weighting based on the stored historical return and risk ratios of the individual asset classes. We thus find the right portfolio for each client in line with their individual risk tolerance.

The investment decisions are made by an experienced and specialized investment team, which on average has a professional experience of more than 10 years.

If you have already created a personal investment proposal via Zeedin and still have questions regarding the content, you are welcome to discuss these with one of our customer advisors in an appointment via co-browsing. To do so, simply make an appointment with Calendly. You will then receive an invitation and our customer advisor will call you at the telephone number provided on the selected date. You will then start the co-browsing session together with him via your laptop, PC or tablet.


Co-browsing, or screen-sharing, allows you as a customer to share specific, shared browser content with one of our customer service representatives in view. This allows us to quickly help you with any problems or provide explanations about our website. To use the feature, please access the co-browsing feature in the upper right margin on our website and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Digital Wealth Channel Zeedin Team directly. You can reach them between 09:00 and 17:00 by phone at +49 69 2161-1113 or by e-mail at

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