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Lampe Asset Management launches money market-related fund with EUR 130 million

Press Release

09. April 2024

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  • Article 8 UCITS fund provides access to the most liquid instruments of the euro zone's most creditworthy issuers with maturities of less than one year
  • Investors with different use cases benefit from daily transparency and favourable tradability even in periods of market stress

Press Release

Frankfurt am Main, 09.04.2024 – Lampe Asset Management today announced the launch of a new actively managed money market-related mutual fund in UCITS format. The HAL Euro 0-1 Active Core starts with a volume of EUR 130 million assets under management.

The focus of the HAL Euro 0-1 Active Core is on the most liquid instruments of the most creditworthy issuers in the euro zone – in particular bills and bonds with a maturity of less than one year. This construction enables the HAL Euro 0-1 Active Core not only to trade robustly in periods of market stress, but also to benefit from flight-to-quality market environments.

The fund offers numerous advantages that investors greatly appreciate in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), i.e. daily transparency of all positions and very low management and transaction costs compared to other funds. Lampe Asset Management works together with the capital management company Hauck Aufhäuser Fund Services Ireland on the HAL Euro 0-1 Active Core, and the launch of further funds is planned.

"Positive money market interest rates in the euro zone enable investors to significantly reduce risks and complexities in allocations in this segment. Active portfolio management can optimally address the needs of clients, particularly in the euro zone money market with its numerous particularities. With strict risk management, we can take advantage of various market opportunities at any time."

Wilhelm Wildschütz, Head of Fixed Income Solutions bei Lampe Asset Management

"Our fund's unique portfolio construction sets it apart from other euro money market-related strategies, which often involve the capture of credit risk, illiquidity and complexity premiums, The premiums of these strategies often come at the expense of the fund's ESG ratings in the SFDR Article 6 category, whereas our portfolio construction gives investors the opportunity to optimize their allocation in the ultra-short segment with an Article 8 UCITS fund."

David Schnautz, Senior Sales Manager bei Lampe Asset Management

Highlights of the HAL Euro 0-1 Active Core:

  • Investment strategy: The fund pursues an active investment strategy, which takes account the various particularities of the euro zone money market. A team of experienced portfolio managers led by Wilhelm Wildschütz manages this transparent strategy at low management fees.
  • Portfolio: The portfolio consists exclusively of instruments from the most creditworthy issuers in the euro zone, including bills, short-dated government bonds and select AAA-rated Hypotheken-Pfandbriefe. The fund is classified in the Article 8 category from an SFDR perspective.
  • Target group: Investors looking for an optimized allocation of the risk-free interest rate in euros are offered a pure rates portfolio in the money market-related segment with daily transparency with this fund. 

About Lampe Asset Management

Lampe Asset Management GmbH, the manager for liquid assets of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank, is an entrepreneurial, holistic asset manager with a strong focus on diversified, risk-based and sustainable investment strategies. Our portfolio managers have an average of more than 20 years of investment experience.

In the area of fundamental-discretionary investment approaches, our portfolio management is based on the in-depth experience of our bond and equity portfolio managers, who have been aligning their investment approach in the respective asset classes and multi-asset portfolios with ESG requirements for many years.

In the area of systematic investment strategies, our approaches are based on broadly diversified portfolios and the generation of asymmetric return structures to limit downside risks (value hedging, risk overlay and currency overlay strategies).

As at the end of 2023, Lampe Asset Management manages approximately EUR 12.6 billion in assets under management, employs around 60 people in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG, one of the leading private banks in Germany.  

Lampe Asset Management is collaborating with its Dublin-based affiliate HAL Fund Services Ireland to bring a UCITS ICAV platform to the market.

About HAL Fund Services Ireland Limited

HAL Fund Services Ireland is a fully authorized UCITS management company (ManCo) and alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

As a European fund management company, HAL Fund Services Ireland launches UCITS funds either as a standalone structure or in a hosted ICAV platform. Its team of dedicated experts provides a range of services with a cost-effective solution tailored to bringing funds to market to meet the exact needs of each fund.

The core regulatory ManCo services include the following key functions:

  • Investment Management Governance
  • Operational Risk and Oversight of Delegates
  • Capital and Finance Oversight
  • Regulatory Compliance Oversight
  • Distribution Oversight
  • Fund Risk Oversight – monitoring and oversight of funds risk, restrictions and limits
  • Coordination and Project Management

The management team headed by CEO Kevin Bardon has extensive internal and external relationships that allows HAL Fund Services Ireland to facilitate and coordinate a one stop shop solution for global managers and advisers. With HAL Hosted Solutions the team offers a quick way to market for managers where customers can launch a sub-fund within the company’s UCITS platform.

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There is a sales prospectus and a key information document for the HAL Euro 0-1 Active Core, which is available free of charge in electronic form and in German under unter https://www.hal-privatbank.com/asset-servicing/fondsportal/detail/hal-euro-0-1-active-core-id-ie000mogyp77 or at Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG, Kaiserstraße 24, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. These documents, together with the latest audited annual report and the respective semi-annual report, if more recent than the latest annual report, constitute the sole binding basis for an acquisition and should be read carefully before making an investment decision. A summary of investor rights is available in German in electronic form at https://www.hal-privatbank.com/rechtliche-hinweise.