Recognizing and living the opportunities of diversity

Living Diversity

At Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe, living diversity means, on the one hand, promoting the social, cultural and ethnic diversity of our employees and using it to the benefit of the company. On the other hand, we set the highest standards in all-round and, above all, individual customer service for your wealth management.


We are new fund women sponsor

Diversity plays a major role for us on a number of different levels: In addition to the social, cultural and ethnic diversity of our employees: inside, we promote the financial self-determination of women in wealth management. "At Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe," says Madeleine Sander, "growth and the digital transformation of our business areas are at the heart of our strategy. This includes experimenting with new technologies such as artificial intelligence or Distributed-Ledger-Technologie (DLT), using creativity methods such as design thinking, and embedding ESG across the bank. In this context, we do not see SHEconomy, or better diversity and equal opportunities, as a trend, but as an absolute prerequisite for creativity, innovation and courage in our company."


"We don't see diversity and equal opportunity as a trend, but as an absolute prerequisite for creativity, innovation and courage in our company."
Madeleine Sander, Chief Growth & Transformation Officer (Mitglied des Vorstands)
Our Engagement

Women's Financial Empowerment

Women strive for greater self-determination. Because they still have to. In this context, their own assets play a decisive role. The English term "empowerment" describes the quintessence of this topic better than any German word. It is about the process of becoming stronger and more self-confident, especially in controlling one's own life and claiming one's own rights.

Women's Financial Empowerment

Confident handling of own finances

As a private bank with a long tradition, we have had conversations with many women about their financial situation and have been able to help them achieve greater clarity and confidence about their (financial) future. Being able to handle your own finances with confidence, strengthens you and makes you independent. And that's exactly what we want to support women in.

"With my regular column, I would also like to encourage open discourse, because we also acquire knowledge through exchanges with acquaintances and friends. However, we do not talk openly enough about money. And we need to encourage this, because we can benefit greatly from the experiences of others."
Madeleine Sander, Chief Growth & Transformation Officer (Mitglied des Vorstands)

On the #journeytodiversity

Partner of the Digital Female Leader Awards

We are proud to be part of #journeytodiversity again and thus of the Global Digital Female Leader Awards (DFLA) by GDW Global Digital Women GmbH (Tijen Onaran). As in 2020, we sponsor the category "Entrepreneurship" and help to promote women in very different leadership positions as well as the relevance of entrepreneurial thinking.


Entrepreneurship is close to our hearts

Why is entrepreneurship so close to our hearts? Because we take a holistic view of people and generations. This starts with private wealth and extends to the work performance of a person or a family, which is closely linked to their own entrepreneurship. But the same also applies to our own company, of course. Because we are a bank for entrepreneurs, we think entrepreneurially and need people who bring this spirit with them, share it and drive it forward.

We now bring together very different cultures and mindsets. We encourage this from the hiring process to the composition of project teams - because we believe that diversity is the recipe for innovation and success.

"Promoting individuality and diversity is an essential factor in a vibrant corporate culture and in the formation of diverse expertise. To generate the best solutions for our customers, it is indispensable."
Sandra Freimuth, Head of Corporate Communications l Marketing | Talent Management | Organizational Development at Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe