As a modern and responsible asset manager, we set standards in sustainable investments.

The importance of sustainability

Sustainability is defined in the glossary as principles of action, goals or states of affairs to ensure the sustainable, regenerative and, as far as possible, side-effect-free use of resources. On the one hand, this suggests the conscious and responsible use of (limited and vulnerable) resources (e.g. paper, wood, water, but also the human factor). On the other hand, it is a matter of ensuring the required responsible handling through clear principles and planned implementation.

The concretization of these principles is pursued by means of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, also in accordance with regulatory requirements and standards.

Customized portfolios

Our services

We develop customized portfolios for our clients to optimally achieve their individual return and sustainability targets. In doing so, we take into account individual and internationally recognized sustainability criteria. If our clients have their own sustainability goals, we are happy to advise them on how to translate their goals into concrete investment guidelines.

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